The 400 Club

So I now have five level 80 characters. Only five more to go! There are many reasons for alts. Here are mine:

  1. Variety – different classes, different play styles.
  2. Tradeskills – with many alts I can cover all the trade skills.
  3. Completion – eventually I will have a max level character for each class.

In theory, having all the trade skills means I can make lots of money. In practice I’m too lazy to work out and make use of the various synergy so I stick to the glyph market. Though I’ve recently started dabbling in enchants as well.

At the moment I don’t quite cover all the trade skills. I’m missing leatherworking. Or, rather, I don’t have a leather worker. I’m not missing it as I don’t have any classes requiring the output of leather working. My intention come Cata is to create a Goblin Shaman leather worker.

So, what characters do I have…

Priest – Disco / Shadow. Mining / Engineering.

This is my main and has been since classic. Not quite the first character I created, and technically not the first to hit max level. But the first character I properly played at max level and the only one I’ve ever raided properly with. She’s been healing specced throughout. Was hybrid disc/holy up to WotLK at which point went solely disc.

Druid – Resto / Balance. Herbalism / Inscription.

My first max level character, though it was already an alt at the time and not even on the server I was primarily playing on. With inscription, this has been the source of most of my gold funds.

DK – Unspecced. Enchanting / Blacksmith.

Who hasn’t at least tried out a death knight? I haven’t re-specced since the most recent patch but was Blood / Frost DPS specced. I’ve tried tanking (and also on my druid) but never enjoyed it.

Hunter – Beastmaster. Jewelcrafter / Alchemist (transmute).

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with my hunter. I was loving it whilst levelling up until a patch hit that nerfed mana regen excessively. This meant having to use the mana regen aura for too much for my liking so levelling stalled. Obviously mana isn’t an issue now. I’ve mostly got my head around the new focus tactics and may play this character a bit more now. I prefer beastmaster as I like the idea of having a strong pet. I’ll probably pick up a better offspec though for decent DPS as BM isn’t really up there currently.

Mage – Arcane. Skinning / Tailoring.

This is my most recent max level. I haven’t quite maxed out tailoring but it should be ready for a decent run into the new skill levels come Cata’s release.

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