Holy Rusted Metal Batman

So my last post was all about going Shadow main spec. Does that mean I’ve given up on healing? In my mind I had. However we’re still kind of struggling off and on for healers on our raid nights so I got asked to resurrect my offspec and pitch in. We were starting on Magmaw at the time and it was suggested I go Holy and I figured why not. Couldn’t be any worse than Disco. And it wasn’t. In fact it was pretty much just as bad.

However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom. As it turned out I was healing about as much as the resto druid we had, both of us well behind the holy pally. This was still enough to get the kill and move on. Even though the numbers were low I was reasonably pleased with this as it was my first time Holy since Vanilla and first time playing with Chakra.

Since then I’ve healed a few more fights. Most notably break 10k hps on Halfus. This boggled me and was a bit of a breakthrough point (though I’ve not come close since). I was struggling after a couple of attempts and then got a piece of advice from one of our other priests (a social who raids occasionally). The advice was simple – alternate PoH on each group and use PoM and CoH on cooldown. I was amazed at the difference it made and managing not to run out of mana on the fight!

I’m still sticking with Shadow mainspec but I’m going to pay more attention to my Holy offspec now. First thing I need to do is sort out UI and keybindings for efficient use of Chakra. Specifically – swapping between the AOE and single target modes for efficiency.

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