Call to Arms

Some time ago when I first started this post I was going to rant about the ratio of tanks needed between the levelling game and the raiding game (notably 25s). Or how tanking is more difficult than healing or dps. Or how the tank usually has to take on the burden of instance guide, and marking up mobs. Since then Blizzard have pedalled some more and made it clear that the extra bag rewards will be BOA. It’s difficult to say whether this is back pedalling following the initial outcry or merely a clarification of the original intent. Either way it is an important distinction. It means those of us who play cloth or mail wearers or physically can’t tank can still potentially use this feature via alts to have a chance at the same rewards for out mains.

So, if you can’t beat them, join them. I switched one of my DK’s specs from Frost to Blood. I had a quick read up on EJ for spec and glyph advice plus a heads up for the how to play. I also hit up MrRobot and sorted out optimal enchants and reforging. And off I went into my first normal 5man. And …

DK tanking as blood in Cata is much easier than frost was in LK. Based on my limited experience of some 5-mans. I’ve already managed to tank a handful of heroics, both in guild groups and pugs. I still maintain tanking is tougher than other roles though. There’s an expectation you’ll know which way to go and how to handle every pull, from marking mobs up if CC is needed to the kill order, interrupts and turning mobs away from people. As DPS and healer I’ve been able to just follow everyone else and stand behind stuff if I’m melee.

The actual tanking though? Much much easier than healing was at the same progression point. I think I’ve only used some of my cooldowns once. My main issue is being a bit low on threat generation and not always picking up strays quickly enough.

As to the Call to Arms? It hasn’t been as prevalent as I thought it would be. Whereas I figured it would be up almost constantly, reality has it that I’ve only picked up two bags so far. Netting me a bunch of gold, a flask, a  Deviate Raptor pet. Seeing as I have that on my main already that netted by another 900g.

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