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So it turns out SW:TOR didn’t hold my interest for long. The general blogosphere seems to agree that it is a good single player story wrapped up in a medicore MMO, and I can’t argue with that. It does do the Star Wars universe very, very well. The joy of finishing character creation and getting the fanfare and scrolling text was pretty awesome.

Ultimately though, I got bored with the questing and found that whilst I knew maybe a dozen people playing the game, we were all playing at different times or different servers or different factions. I think one of the biggest things I get out of gaming is playing with other people, so yeah, not very rewarding.

Other WoW distractions have included Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur and a re-visit to Borderlands. Of these, Skyrim held the most interest and is something I will possibly continue to play as a background activity. But its a solo game and I find I can’t keep the level of focus required to keep active.

I’m still not raiding, at least not as an official raider, in WoW. I might be tempted to raid seriously again come MoP. However I do enjoy the freedom of not having 2-3 nights a week committed, and I’ve little to no interest in heroic mode raiding, which doesn’t fit very well with the guild raid team focus.

Fortunately there is still plenty to keep me interested. I’m plugging away at my Paladin who will be my 7th max level character in a mere 24 levels time. I’ve done some social/alt raiding on some alts and paying more attention to gearing them up through LFR and valor points. I’ve so far avoided my DK tank though as I find it a much more stressful role.

On the horizon we have Diablo III in under a month, GW2, The Secret World, and the MoP expansion for WoW. I got in early on the beta (before most of the crowds) and may post some thoughts about that but it feels too early and I expect lots of things to change quite a bit before the end of beta.

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