State of the Gaming

I almost stopped playing World of Warcraft. “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” I’m even back on the raid team. Both GW2 and TSW have fallen by the wayside. Diablo III I still dip into occasionally.

The surprise is resurrecting my SW:TOR account. A few friends started playing it again recently when it went F2P. I logged back in and quickly decided that the F2P restrictions were too harsh (even with my preferred status) and so re-subbed. I suspect part of my problem when I stopped last time was burning out on my main story line due to trying to push it too hard. I’m actually enjoying all the little side story quests now!

RPG I’m in one game with a second starting soon. This is going to be a stetch on my time a bit with my calendar having four days of gaming in a row:

  • Sunday: WoW Raid
  • Monday: World of Darkness
  • Tuesday: WoW Raid
  • Wednesday: Burning Wheel

Two RPG a week is definitely enough, and if I find the four day run too much I will drop one or both of the raid days.

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