Mid Year Post


The SWTOR kick hasn’t continued. Really must remember to cancel the subs again. If I do pick it up again (big if) I doubt I’ll justify a subscription. The only issue with that is crafting. I’d quite like to max out the synthweaving on my main, but that becomes problematical on a free account.

Still playing WoW, though really just for raiding now. I did make a push with my DK tank, and even got as far as doing some alt tanking (badly) in Throne of Thunder. However, I find the pressure of tanking more than dps or heal and WoW has become annoying to gear up alts in it’s current state.

I do think the current LFR system has a problem. I think it could be potentially easily fixed by just announcing all loot won to the whole raid. As it stands you kill a boss, win a bag of gold and don’t see anything else. This feels very lacklustre. I also find the gold bags a bit of a slap in the face. I’d almost prefer just a message saying I didn’t win anything. Better still, either some VP as a consolation, or some other form of currency that would pay off eventually in a guaranteed item.

PC Gaming

Haven’t fired up Diablo for a while now. Played a bit following recent patches and managed to gear up my monk a bit better. The auction house item compare is a much needed feature for that and silly that it wasn’t there from the start. I made my first crafted legendary. Sadly this was woefully inferior to the gear I’d managed to buy from the auction house. I’d tale quite a hit using it just for the XP bonus. That, coupled with the amount of time required to progress this sort of level of gearing means that Diablo is once again in the dust pile.

On the other hand, I’ve resurrected my interest in Kingdoms of Amalur. I think this is the third time I’ve turned on to this game, and each time I get more interested and my estimation of the game increases. I think my biggest frustration though is that fights with large numbers of opponents (Maid of Windemere I’m looking at you) are very tricky. Constantly getting interrupted. Mostly this isn’t a problem though.

I’m playing a hybrid build spread across all three styles. In Might I’ve maxed out shield for defensive reasons. In Magic I’ve maxed out the shield spell and pushed staff skills as a sink for more points. Finesse is all about sneak attacks, poison and daggers. I only switched to staff fairly recently and I’m finding it fairly effective. Beyond that, this build gives an extra skill point (two at high levels) across the board. I’ve maxed out stealth and detect hidden and generally spreading points across the rest. I suspect I’m not making nearly enough use of alchemy though. All I use it for is healing potions.


The Firefly LRP finished. Sad face. I enjoyed it very much, even if I simply bimbled through the whole game without any real goals or focus. There’s an upcoming BSG based LRP on the horizon and I’m also mulling character ideas for a Neverwhere inspired LRP.

For tabletop I’ve got Burning Wheel and World of Darkness. Very different systems, but both games are proving enjoyable.


Haven’t been playing board games much. Hopefully rectify that in August. Keeping in touch playing Ascension on the iPad. Given how badly I seem to lose every game I suspect I’m really not very good at it!


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