State of Play

Time for an update on current gaming.

Active games:

  • Rift
  • GW2
  • Diablo3

Active subscriptions:

  • Rift

I’m back to making good use of my Rift subscription. Currently nearing max level with my second character, a rogue. Its been a while since I’ve played my original max level character (warrior) but I might try and get back into it. I feel like I kind of want to sort out various faction notoriety grinds. Or I might just start properly levelling a cleric or mage.

I kind of got back into GW2. It really is the best looking game I’ve played by a long way. However, I still dislike the lack of control I feel whilst playing it. I’m slowly working on map completion (gone from <50% to 70%) and some vague thought of improving gear. Mostly though I’m enjoying doing the guild missions once a week with a guild I joined randomly from their map chat spam.

After the initial buzz of the D3 expansion wore off and I’d levelled and geared (a bit) some characters I stopped. But I dipped back in last weekend and had a look at my crusader. I still struggle to identify the clear path to upgrading and handling tougher difficulty. That said, T3 is fine. I also had a look at the PTR and the improvement to 2H weapons might help my monk a bit. Of course when the next big patch hits it’ll hopefully bring the season and I might see where I can go with that.

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