Monday Report

Second week in a row. Go me!


I’ve actually re-subbed for WoW. I’ve a long standing guild community there, even if I recognise fewer names than I once did. And it feels more comfortable than any other game. I remain unconvinced that this is solely down to it being the game I’ve played for so long. It felt comfortable from the first time I played it, having come from DAOC. I think that’s down to two key things. Firstly that the responsiveness of the controls is very good. Secondly, that the size of your character avatar compared to the world around it and the camera zoom (and field of view?) seem to hit a sweet spot that other games just don’t quite manage. In Rift, for example, my character always felt small; unless I zoom in quite a bit and then lose field of view.

Another reason for going back to WoW is that my mum wants to give it a try!

I did log into GW2 briefly to pick up the latest living story stage. So as not to have to buy it later. I need to check whether the next stage can be acquired as easily or whether I’ll have to finish this stage before being able to pick up the next one.


Had a long evening session with CIV:BE. Starting to get the hang of things and progressing into middle-end game. Still a bunch to learn about though.


World of Darkness Supers

We all made it back to home base safe and sound. Rather than charging straight into the company implicated with the bad things we’ve held back and doing lots of background check type stuff first. Trying to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes this time. Except then an invitation to a round of golf with the company’s CEO turns up.

D&D 5E

Made our way to the well, which is actually a tower, and found some zombies. Had at the zombies only to then get into a discussion with their owner. Some lack of trust on both sides but we parted without further blows. Made our way to Wyvern Tor and managed to come upon the orcs by surprise. Some nice use of sleep, silence and burning hands by my fellow players made that smooth fight.

In Nomine

New game for Thursdays. New game for me. Difficult to get a feel for but managed most of character gen. I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t need post first session tinkering though.


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