Monday Report

Lets dive straight in this time. No need to mention this is my fourth solid week of reports. Oops, mentioned it. Go me!


Hit 100 on my priest. Last bit of levelling was done in the Nagrand zone. Which I was not a fan of. Far too many split levels, switchbacks, and treasures you need to get a glider to get to. Having hit 100 I then scrabbled around for the last 100 or so resources I needed to upgrade my garrison to level 3. A few more resources and I was able to finally add the tailoring building. Hopefully this will boost my supplies so I can eventually get around to crafting something.

So far I’ve just one a couple of normal dungeon runs. Fairly lucky with drops though as I got three in the first run. My ilvl is currently 605. Hopefully getting to 610 for heroics won’t be too tricky. I’ve also done the proving grounds silver for both healing and dps. I started with the dps one. Bronze is trivial but I found silver tricky when you get to the stage with the healer who needs interrupting. I game up at that point and went and did something else. When I came back I started on the healing trials and easily did both bronze and silver. So I had another go at the dps one and just about managed it.


World of Darkness Supers

Mostly this was just paperwork and tracking down leads. We’ve two more missing persons connected to the case we’re working on. One who’d been under observation by Prime, and the other the inspector from Loxley Corp. Either the inspector was working with Solomon Moon, or he was acting that way in order to get close (and possibly steal tech) for Loxley.

We’ve also got an email address that was hidden in with the body in the box. Our hope is that it is someone trying to reach out and we’re making a connection with that.

D&D 5e

We finished the cleansing of Thundertree (na na na naa na na naa na), and returned triumphant to Neverwinter. With the dragon on a sled. Turns out the remains of a dragon can be quite valuable, so we might get some stuff out of it. At the very least there’s a line of credit to help with rebuilding Thundertree (na na na naa na na naa na). Next up its back to Phandalin and possibly finding the lost mine of Phandelver.


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