MMO Update

Played a bit more Skyforge this weekend. Slowly getting to grips with how the skill trees work and how to grind the right stuff for them. Annoyingly I missed getting into the reddit EU pantheon as they’re now only accepting more progressed characters from people who are maybe a little less casual than I am currently.

In Marvel Heroes I finally ticked off Chapter 1 completion and Chapter 2. That had been bugging me since they rejigged stuff a couple of patches back and it started showing be stuff un-done. First it took a while to work out exactly how to trigger those missed elements. Then when I did, once particular bit was bugger. Now it is (or at least was in my game) unbugged and I’ve ticked some more boxes. Still levelling at a reasonable pace and hit 42. I think I’ve opened up all the skills to be used for final build now.

My WoW experiment surprised me. Having re-subbed via gold last Sunday I reached Friday with just a small profit from the glyph business. However, the weekend saw the profit start to bloom and at the end of Sunday my earnings were looking good for being able to pay for subs from selling glyphs. We’ll see how that goes when I skip a weekend due to being away this coming one. Also, some friends re-subbed themselves so we grouped up with some new lowbies and did some questing and dungeons.

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