It’s a conical sort of effort

It’s a conical sort of effort. Either a cherished memory or the monkey on my back. Either a shining example of succinctness or a demonstration of woeful descriptive powers.

Ah yes, the story behind this.

Picture the scene: an ordinary afternoon, several moons ago, several friends are clustered into a room playing Rolemaster. My character, Esran Phillips, heads off on a scouting mission; seeking one part of the macguffin the party need to complete the current plot. He peers in through a window and the GM gives a glowing description of the item in question; colours, shapes, sizes, the way it catches the light. Esran returns to the party to report and, naturally, they ask him what it looked like. To which I respond:

“It’s a conical sort of effort.”

Several minutes later we continued with the game, but the damage had been done.

Some years later I was trying to think of a name for my very own personal vanity domain. A friend suggested conical effort and I felt that had a nice ring to it.

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