In the Shadow of Cataclysm

Seems I can only manage a new post when I come up with a witty title. Hopefully I can work around that little foible and at least manage one new post per week.

I’ve now got some proper raiding under the belt, and the conclusion is… I’ve gone shadow mainspec. I was just struggling too much with the healing as Disco. Heals were all too weak and so so slow. Hopefully some of the trouble was gearing rather than me just being a bit poor. It certainly looks like healers gear curve is somewhat steeper in Cata than other specs.

And I’m really enjoying being dps main spec. Sure, I’ve run as shadow in some raids pre-Cata but only due to surplus healers. I’m finding it so much more relaxing not having to worry about healing. Or mana, mostly. It can still be an issue in AOE heavy fights but I’m working round that and haven’t run out yet.

We’re still limited to a 10man team but we’ve got three boss kills so far, all of which have been repeated this week already. Add to that the PvP raid boss kill, and some close goes on the twin dragons. We’re starting to make good progress.

I’ve invested a chunk of gold on the AH buying up the crafted epics that are available. This includes 18k for the latest Darkmoon trinket. Glyph making is still plenty profitable and I’ll be recouping the cost fairly quickly I expect. Which is good as flasks and the materials to make them are currently costing over 200g each. Making an evenings raiding cost 1k!

The trade skill profiteering addon I’m alpha testing is shaping up very nicely. It has streamlined the glyph business very well and I’m starting to tinker with other crafting skills for fun and profit as well now. Somewhat more limited on crafts other than inscription due to lack of recipes. Hopefully I’ll find time for alts at some point!

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