Monday Report

I’d like to try and post more regularly. So here goes what is hopefully the first of weekly reports on gaming activity.


Not much going on, surprisingly.

Haven’t been back to Archeage for a while. My last visit I didn’t really feel like doing anything, and when I did find something to do I kept getting kicked out by hackshield. Don’t think I’ll be going back now. Which is a shame as the TOG crowd make an ace guild.

I dipped into Rift again. Picked up a pack for the latest expansion and explored a bit in the first new zone. Not sure yet whether I’ll keep this up.

Activated a free 7 day pass for WoW. Made a start on the pre-expansion quests. Did some LFR. Then did heroic SOO with the guild. Of course, heroic is the new normal. (with Mythic being the hardest tier now). So it was a bit of a walkover. That said, I think I died on more fights than I survived on. Other than dying I think I acquitted myself reasonably well, given my gear level. Got a couple of upgrades, including the heirloom mace from Garrosh.


Picked up the latest Civ game, Beyond Earth. I’ve started a few games so far and not completed any. Struggling a bit to get a handle on what tactics to use. It plays a bit like a re-skinned Civ:V, though some of the game play stuff is a bit different. I like the way science advancements work, though I’ve no idea what decent paths are. Definitely will be trying to at least finish a game and hopefully work out some decent play styles.


Not technically covered in the last week, but worth a mention as this is the first of an ongoing (hopefully!) weekly post. I missed the finale of the BSG game due to stupid viral cough. Sounds like it was fun. Also sounds like I was well removed from any and all plot. I’m hoping that I can get a bit more involved with the next upcoming LRP (7th Sea).


World of Darkness (Monday)

My [character’s] run of being in charge hasn’t been a disaster yet. A couple of close calls that I’d have preferred to avoid, but on the other hand we’ve rescued everyone. Even if one of them has disappeared immediately they regained consciousness.

Supers (Thursday)

We finally got around to finishing up the supers game. My character got to suck in all the power from a nuclear reacting and turn into into TK in order to rip a mainframe with a bad AI out and drop it in the parking lot. Then chase a plotonium boosted rocket and damage it enough to have it blow up rather than make orbit.

Next up is going to be In Nomine. Not one I’ve played before.


Played another game of Firefly. For a fairly simple game it does handle the theme surprisingly well. Its not a quick game though. I think the scenario we played reckoned 2 hours and it took us (4 players) just over 3 I think. It was quite close in the end with three people on the last goal and one (ok, it was me) just starting to hit the goals.

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