Monday Report

Week three. Keep the momentum going…


Even though I had resubbed to WoW I hadn’t committed to getting the expansion. Not quite. That decision became a lot easier when I was asked by my mum what I wanted for my birthday. Warlords of Draenor CE it was then!

First WoD session was Friday night. Somewhat delayed as I wasn’t expecting queues. I got in and did the introductory quest line which was reasonably fun. I really like the way the major players were introduced with their name on screen. Then I got to Draenor proper and hit the lag fest. Once I gave up on the initial quests there and wandered out into the rest of the zone the lag was quite a bit better.

Saturday was much better. No queues or lag thanks to fixes patched overnight. Garrison area still bugs out occasionally and won’t let you zone in but a retry usually fixes that. After a weekend of questing I’m up to level 95 and enjoying it lots. I like the garrison. I think I’ve got my head around the various buildings (at least the ones I’ve tried). It took me a while to make the connection with craft skills.

I’d naively assumed I’d take crafting buildings other than the crafts I actually have so as to complement them. Long term that may make some sense. However, the crafting buildings are also where you can train up your crafting skills and buy new patterns. Possibly more importantly, the work orders can produce the materials you need. Which is a must when you consider that everything needs materials based on daily cooldowns.


World of Darkness Supers

One of our team got delivered a body in a box. Whilst the body was a contortionist, they don’t tend to survive well is sealed lead containers. So as well as everything else we need to sort out avoiding any other associated ending up in boxes, and plan how to deal with the perpetrator. Tricky as he has mind controlling powers.

Other than that there was a round of golf with the head of the company associated with our current investigation (through lease of a building). He’s being cooperative with undertones of being ready for a fight if need be to protect their financial/technological interests.

DnD 5e

We reached the bit of the starter scenario√ā¬†hooked for my character. This meant we got to fight a dragon. A fun fight that could have easily gone very badly for us. Initiative order helped us quite a lot. I was up first so could attract attention to some degree. Then the dragon got to attack us. Then the priest and finally the mage. This meant that when the dragon breathed such as to include the mage the priest was able to get him up again before his action so he could be effective. Its like we’re a well oiled machine or some such. And, as luck would have it, I got to kill the dragon with a nicely timed max damage roll as it was fleeing. A nice birthday treat.

In Nomine

We finished off character generation and talked a bit about the setting. I’ve changed from Elohim to Malakhim. Initially just so I wasn’t doubling up with another party member, but it looks like this will also shake things up in interesting ways party dynamic wise. I also need to come up with a couple of hooks for being in the city, and having out of class ability.


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