Third day of Blaugust. Maybe I’d have managed something the first two, but it was a weekend, and I was slovenly. One of the reasons I didn’t even consider signing up officially but at least Blaugust might get me to post some more.

Coming up, should I find some of those mythical round tuits, a report on my week away gaming. In the meantime, the weekend.

I thought I’d give Skyforge a look. So far, it looks quite good. Of the three starting classes I’ve stuck with Paladin. I’ve set my talents up for tanking so far, though at this low level of prestige it doesn’t make much of a difference. I have reached the stage of potentially opening up other classes. So as soon as I work out how, and gather the requisite currency, I might try one out. I’ve already had a quick look at Monk in the in-game VR arena thing and it looked like it might be fun.

Saturday evening saw me playing Cities Skylines. It was one of the items on my Steam wishlist on sale over the weekend. I’d rate it half-hooked, as it kept me up until gone 2am but I’ve resisted going back to it so far. In no small part to wanting to leave it till Friday or Saturday to play when it doesn’t matter so much if I’m up all night!

Played a little more Marvel Heroes early on in the weekend. Before I’d got properly into Skyforge basically. Managed to tick off a few early story points on my main (Storm) that I’d been missing since the re-jig in a recent patch. I did get the dailies done on Saturday whilst Skyforge was downloading though.

And then, of course, I actually logged back into WoW for the first time in ages. I guess they’ve tweaked things a bit as this time I was able to buy game time from the character select. Last time I couldn’t as no single character had enough gold. So I’m going to see how much gold I can make (via glyph marketing) and how much time that takes and hence whether its a viable option for keeping subs going. If that doesn’t work then I don’t intend to re-sub for real money.

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