Necro Post #N

Maybe one of these days I’ll restart posting and actually continue. Only time will tell if that is today. In the meantime, current state of the gaming. Actively played games over the last month or so.

WoW Classic

Plodding along with a Gnome Warlock. Currently at level 36. Sadly with no fellow guild members near my level its mostly solo stuff, hence the plodding. Diving into dungeons with PUG groups has felt like too much of a commitment.


Briefly logged in with my Mesmer when the most recent story chapter was released to make sure I got credit for it. More recently I boosted my Necromancer to 80 and started playing it a bit. Played through the whole recent story chapter which was quite fun. I need to do hero points on this character and get more mastery points in general so still plenty to do. There’s also three mastery mounts I don’t have access to yet so starting those grinds might be next.


Finding reasonable fun in Blight with a summoner build. Regular zombies and exploding skellies (Infernal Legion). Slowly progressing through maps with no real objective.

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